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Rosie's Chips [2-Pack]

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Two (5oz, 141g) tallow potato chip bags | 4 serving sizes per bag (approximately ~60 chips per bag)

Kettle cooked in small batches with only three ingredients: potatoes, beef tallow, and microplastic free sea salt from an ancient Spanish spring (Vera Salt). NO SEED OILS OR OTHER JUNK.

We are targeting ~2-3 weeks from the date of order for shipping due to a large volume of orders and hope to have faster fulfillment times in the future. Chipscriptions ship around the ~15th of each month.

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
David I
My search has ended

I've been on a quest to find the best tasting chips that aren't fried in toxic seed oils. I've tried many other chips fried in lard or tallow and I have to say Rosie's chips are by far THE best chips! The other competitor chips don't have the same crunch, are overly salty or they taste like they used old oils to cook their chips. You can even tell by the way Rosie's chips look that they are visually better than the other chips -- Rosie's chips have that beautiful golden color not found in the other chips. I did have a delivery snafu (no fault of Rosie) and I emailed them after 7pm (west coast time) and to my surprise they emailed me back within 15 minutes and took care of the issue promptly. Unheard of in this day and age. My kids are picky about what they eat and all 3 love these chips. I will definitely be ordering more of these fantastic chips.

Gregory Cornelius
Even better than expected

I've been a chef for over 25 years, and through a lot of research I've realized how terrible seed oils are for human health. I came across this and didn't have super high expectations but knew it would be a healthier chip for my autistic son to go in his lunch box. I was shocked to see how high quality and amazing these chips were in flavor, texture ,color , thickness etc. Yes they're a bit more expensive than a high quality chip but good luck making something this good even at home. I haven't cheered on a company this hard in a long time so go ahead pull the trigger , buy the chips! Not only will you not be disappointed but you will have the best potato chip you've ever had!

Isaiah Douglass

I was excited to find non-seed oil chips as my wife & son are big chip fans. I historically have been fine to go without - um these chips made me want to devour the entire bag. It's night and day to those "big brands" - 10/10

Fantastic Chips!!!!!

Looking for a healthy, indulgent alternative to seed oil based potato chips? Look no further! You’ve found it with Rosie’s chips! Hand crafted in small batches and fried in healthy beef tallow, these chips are to die for! And, I should know as I have over 20 years of manufacturing leadership of snack food companies. So, believe me when I say I know a thing or two about potato chips and these are some of the best I have ever had! Give them a try and you will not be sorry!

Karen Osmon
Delicious and Clean Chips!

I purchased 2 bags of Rosie's Chips and they are delicious. They are thick just the right amount of salt, super clean ingredients, no seed oils! Will definitely be ordering more. They are DELISH! Highly recommend!


I bought these chips on a whim when someone else mentioned them. I was excited about the fact that they only had 3 ingredients, and that they didn't use seed oil. They did not disappoint when they arrived. The chips are thick, crunchy, lightly salted. and not greasy. As for the price point, I am willing and able to spend a bit more for a great product from a small company. I'd also like to say that the customer service is fabulous.

Fantastic flavor and quality!!!

My search is over! I love potato chips and these have exactly the ingredients I want, no junk, no toxic additives! They are crispy, flavorful and the perfect amount of salt for me! I tried making my own - what a pain in the neck! Potato chips stick together and come out burnt while the stuck parts are raw, forget that. Happy to let Rosie's crew make them for me and I now understand the price and need to be patient, in order to get shipped a fresh product. I will be a regular customer!

Adam Roach
Best we’ve ever had

We’re always on the hunt for seed oil free products, and potato chips have been one of the hardest to find. There are a couple good avocado oil brands out there. But we always wondered, why doesn’t anybody use tallow anymore? Then we found Rosie’s Chips.

And so glad we did! My wife said they’re the best chips she’s ever had.

Now our only health concern with potato chips is that we want to eat the whole bag every time 😉