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Rosie's Chips [2-Pack]

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Two (5oz, 141g) tallow potato chip bags | 4 serving sizes per bag (approximately ~60 chips per bag)

Kettle cooked in small batches with only three ingredients: potatoes, beef tallow, and microplastic free sea salt from an ancient Spanish spring (Vera Salt). NO SEED OILS OR OTHER JUNK.

We are targeting 3-4 weeks from the date of order for shipping due to a large volume of orders and hope to have faster fulfillment times in the future. Chipscriptions ship around the ~15th of each month.

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Even better than expected

I've been a chef for over 25 years, and through a lot of research I've realized how terrible seed oils are for human health. I came across this and didn't have super high expectations but knew it would be a healthier chip for my autistic son to go in his lunch box. I was shocked to see how high quality and amazing these chips were in flavor, texture ,color , thickness etc. Yes they're a bit more expensive than a high quality chip but good luck making something this good even at home. I haven't cheered on a company this hard in a long time so go ahead pull the trigger , buy the chips! Not only will you not be disappointed but you will have the best potato chip you've ever had!

Isaiah Douglass

I was excited to find non-seed oil chips as my wife & son are big chip fans. I historically have been fine to go without - um these chips made me want to devour the entire bag. It's night and day to those "big brands" - 10/10

Joshua Fair
Best chips I’ve ever had!

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, given the premium price for these chips. But as a seed oil disrespector, I was instantly drawn to these beef, tallow potato chips. And he did not disappoint. I was willing to wait a couple of weeks time to get it freshly made it out to me, but they even exceeded expectations there. Wish I could give them more than five stars!

Jack Jahnke
Best you will find

These chips are fantastic, and I love that they are seed oil free. You will get to the bottom of the bag quickly!

Taste Great

Great tasting chips- nice crisp and just the right amount of salt. Also well packaged. Very pleased.