About Rosie's Chips

Did the world really need another potato chip? It's a fair question to ask. The truth is that it didn't ... until we launched a family-owned and operated chippery and created a potato chip unlike anything else out there.

Rosie's Chips are a clean and simple alternative to mass-produced chips that are fried in ultra-processed seed oils and blasted with chemicals, additives, and other junk. Our chips are naturally delicious using just three ingredients: potatoes, grass-fed/grass-finished beef tallow, and microplastic-free sea salt - that's it! Less is more when it comes to the ingredients in our snack foods. 

Rosie's Chips are kettled cooked in small batches and embody the spirit of a bygone era when snack foods were once crafted with minimal ingredients without compromising on taste.

Rosie's Chips are inspired by Rose Adams, a 102-year-old Central Pennsylvania icon that has been part of our family for decades. Rosie raised myself, my father, and my two sisters and is best known for two things: her love of people, especially children. And second, her amazingly delicious, savory, and oh-so nostalgic comfort foods and snacks.

Like a favorite childhood food that takes you back to the "good old days", you’ll be a believer after your first bag of Rosie's and never go back to mass-produced, chemically-drenched chips. But full disclosure, there is a fourth ingredient in Rosie’s Chips – the love in every bag.