Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Rosie?

Rosie's Chips are inspired by Rose Adams, a 101-year-old iconic individual from central Pennsylvania with a knack for whipping up delicious, nostalgic comfort food. Rosie has been part of our family for decades and has always preached the importance of a nourishing diet and conscientious eating.

What are the ingredients in Rosie's Chips?

Rosie's Chips are made with Russet Burbank potatoes, grass-fed/grass-finished beef tallow, and sea salt from Vera Salt (microplastic-free salt from an ancient Spanish spring).

Why are seed oils bad?

For years, seed oils like canola oil and soybean oil have been marketed as "heart-healthy oils". However, emerging research suggests these oils may be anything but beneficial. Frying foods in these omega-6 fatty acids have been linked with oxidative stress and inflammation - a recipe for chronic disease.

What is tallow?

Beef tallow is a rendered form of beef fat, derived from the fat of cattle. It is a solid, creamy-white substance that results from melting and processing beef fat. The process typically involves heating the fat to separate it from other components, such as protein and water, and then filtering it to remove impurities. The final product is a pure, shelf-stable fat that can be used for various culinary and non-culinary purposes. McDonald's used to fry their french fries in tallow up until 1990.

Beef tallow is primarily composed of saturated fats and has a high smoke point, which makes it suitable for high-temperature cooking methods like frying and deep-frying. It was a common cooking fat in many traditional cuisines, and it imparts a rich, savory flavor.

What is the shelf life of a bag of Rosie's Chips?

Approximately 1 month. We don't put any preservatives in our chips like name-brand companies do.

How does shipping work?

Rosie's Chips are made-to-order and we aim to ship within 3-4 weeks from the date of purchase. We're working on faster turnaround times as we grow.

Does Rosie's ship internationaly?

We only ship domestically within the United States but are working on expanding to international markets in the near future.

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